Prenatal, Pediatric, & Postpartum Chiropractic

Prenatal Chiropractic

A woman’s body goes through a multitude of physical, chemical, and emotional changes throughout pregnancy. Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments can help a woman’s body integrate and adjust to these changes so that mom can focus on this miraculous time.

In addition to enhancing the function of the mother’s nerve system, chiropractic care establishes balance in the pregnant woman’s pelvis and reduces undue stress to her uterus and supporting ligaments. This optimizes the room the baby has for development.

Over 50% of women experience back pain during pregnancy. Studies have shown that 84% of pregnant women who utilized chiropractic care experienced relief from back pain. Another study concluded that pregnant women who are under regular chiropractic care experience 25-31% shorter labor times.

Chiropractic care helps relieve stress and restore communication within the nervous system. This provides an optimum environment for a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Using specialized techniques to ensure the gentlest of adjustments, Dr. Larissa provides chiropractic care to children to assist their bodies in developing optimally as they live, grow, and learn.

The birthing process is beautiful, yet demanding. As much as the process is laborious for the mama, it is for baby as well. No matter what kind of birth you have, baby undergoes tremendous stress as he or she enters this world.

In childhood, we develop the foundation for our physical, chemical, and emotional health. As children continue to grow, play, and experience life, their spines and nervous systems change at a rapid rate. With those changes, also come the many traumas of growth. While learning to crawl, walk, and run, a child’s nervous system adapts and integrates every slip, trip, and fall.

When there is interference in the nervous system, the body’s communication network, the body cannot function optimally and expression is inhibited. Pediatric chiropractic care clears the interference from your child’s nervous system, allowing your child to express their full potential for health. Give your child the best start possible. Allow us to assist your family in expressing a more vitalistic, vibrant life.

Postpartum Chiropractic

The birth of your little one opens up a whole new world for you and your family. As you are adapting to this wondrous new life (and new sleep schedule), your body is also going through many changes. From bending over a crib, breastfeeding, lifting and carrying your new baby, to lugging around diaper bags and carriers, your body goes through a lot as a Mom.

We are here to help ease the transition into motherhood by relieving the stress on your nervous system and equipping you with techniques and tips to help prevent injury. Your world now revolves around caring for your little one; however, it is just as important to also care for yourself.

Postpartum chiropractic care helps you adapt to and integrate these new life experiences so you can remain well and fully enjoy the magic of motherhood.



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