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We understand that everyone's spine, nervous system, and life experiences are different.  Therefore, we always take the time to connect with you, thoroughly assess your neuro-spinal system, understand your health goals, and answer any questions you may have. For that reason, please allow up to one hour for your first visit. 


During the consultation, we will get to know you and discuss your health goals and what you desire to achieve from your chiropractic care.  We will share what chiropractic is and how we think it can benefit your life so you can make an informed decision about your health journey.


We will perform a comprehensive examination to get an overall picture of your current state of health.  We will discuss your past health, current health, and what you desire for your future health. We will perform a full assessment of your neuro-spinal system which includes neurological, orthopedic, and chiropractic examination elements.

Report of Findings

During the report of findings, we will discuss the results from your examination, share with you our interpretation of your overall health status, and determine whether chiropractic care is right for you.  At this time, we will also describe what to expect from your care with us.


Chiropractic Care

Based on the examination results, we will put together an individualized care plan that suits your health goals and needs.  We will utilize various techniques to achieve your chiropractic goals which will include chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue techniques, but may also include nutritional guidance and physiotherapy.

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