Why did we choose to focus our practice on women's health?  

Although everyone has a spine, biomechanics of the female spine is very different from that of a male's.  Our pelvises have different shapes, we carry weight in different places, our bone density is different, not to mention the myriad of hormones that influence a woman's health throughout her life.  Being women ourselves, we understand the changes and pain that women go through.  Our passion is connecting with women of all ages and empowering them to take charge of their health.  

We have designed a practice that not only specializes in women's health, but celebrates it.

Throughout practice, we've realized the female population is underserved within chiropractic.  There are many practices in Denver that cater to prenatal or pediatric care, but as women we know there are multiple stages of life beyond being pregnant and bearing children that chiropractic can support. Women deal with different physical challenges in every stage of life including hormonal changes during teen years, combating the daily stress of balancing a family and career, the transition to perimenopausal life, and mastering postmenopausal changes.

We want Vita Vitale to be a safe space for women to be women and to receive the quality of chiropractic care that will improve their lives, regardless of what life stage they’re experiencing.